Safety Practices

Statistics for Firearm-Related Deaths, General Safety Practices

A firearm is a weapon which can be carried around and can fire more than one projectile at once. It was invented in China back in the 13th century and was used as a weapon of war. Slowly it took over the work and today, they are more dangerous than ever. There have been several deaths in war or combats due to these weapons and also deaths due to careless handling.

A study, which was conducted in the year 2005, revealed that there were nearly 31000 deaths which occurred, due to firearms and it was done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It was discovered that out of that 31,000 deaths, 2% were undetermined, 55% suicides, 40% homicides and remaining 3% as accidental. It was also found that most of such deaths occurred due to self-inflicted actions and was common between the men of ages in between 15 to 35.

So, to be more careful when handling such weapons and avoid any kinds of accidents, you should abide by the following safety practices:

When you have a weapon in your hand, it’s your responsibility to take utmost care so that it doesn’t cause any harm to you or anyone around you. There have been cases where people have assumed that the gun wasn’t loaded, and when they went for a trial, shots were fired, and people did get killed or injured. Other safety measures include:

  1. Don’t use any weapon unless you know how to use it or have been trained in or else you might even harm yourself
  2. You shouldn’t hand over your weapon to someone untrained and even make sure it’s not loaded since its transfer can make an unintentional pressure on the trigger and the shots will be fired
  3. If you are not in the notion to take part in any shooting, do not keep your fingers on the triggers, just in case there are some problems, you might press it unintentionally and kill someone
  4. Do not place any heavy objects near the trigger of the gun, in case it falls and lets the shot out harming anyone in its direction
  5. Do not take a loaded weapon from anyone and make sure it’s unloaded this has similar complications as in point 2
  6. When giving your weapon to another person, make sure the barrel of the gun is facing towards a direction where there is no object, human or animal else there can be severe complications
  7. If you are carrying or storing a firearm, make sure the striker or hammer isn’t in the loaded position, if it fires mistakenly, there can be damage to belongings and even life
  8. If you are going to a rough, uneven road and facing problems, make sure you do not give the weapon to anyone else or, keep it loaded. Try carrying it using shoulder straps.
  9. If you are even giving the firearm to someone untrained, make sure you open the magazine or cylinder so that there are no chances of any accident
  10. If taking a dog I would consider training him and then putting him into a tactical dog harness.