Rifles, Shotguns

Rifles, Shotguns

Rifles are also called the modern day long guns. The name ‘rifle’ comes from the rifling which is engraved on the barrel surface, and it gives a spin to the bullets fired, which is self-stabilizing. Rifles have longer barrels than revolvers and handguns, tougher to carry and cannot be concealed. They are not as regulated as handguns, but are more accurate in hitting the right targets than handguns. They can be of a single shot which may or may not need loading after every shot, but most come with a multi shot in one trigger. Their magazines might carry bullets ranging anywhere from 5 to 50 in the case of military rifles.

They are large caliber hunting weapons and also used in warfare and shooting games, which can be automatic and semi-automatic with detachable magazines. In general, the magazines are loaded below the barrel. They are made to be fired by holding it on the shoulder since it exerts a lot of pressures. The bullets in rifles are shaped aerodynamically pointed so that the bullet doesn’t change direction and cuts through the pressure of the air efficiently, reaching great distance without losing accuracy.

It contains deflagration of any explosive compound, which pushes the bullet out of the barrel, but there are air rifles as well, which uses compressed air, which and those rifles are used for hunting, shooting games and target practicing. Owning rifles without licenses are considered as legal offenses in most countries, and for those who are into shooting games; they can use it only under the supervision of their training institutes.

Shotguns look pretty similar to that of rifles, but do not have as much of rifling as rifles have. A shotgun has a bigger cartridge and can shoot more than one bullets at once, which means more than one bullet comes out of the barrel at the same time, in parallel, unlike rifles which can shoot in the series. Other names for shotgun include scattergun and pepper gun since the bullets it fires in parallel, do not travel in parallel but get scattered in midair. They are fired from the shoulder and exert a lot of pressure towards the holder of the gun. These guns come in different bore sizes ranging from .22mm -5cm. They are good weapons of war, self-defense and controlling riots.

They are a good weapon for cavalry charges since its length is short, powerful and easy to use with capabilities of taking down multiple targets at once. One disadvantage of this gun is that its range is very so, so it cannot be used in combats involving enemies who are at huge distances, because when the shot is fired, the bullets get scattered so does its power of hammering and might not even reach the distant target. Militaries started using these weapons way back during the First World War, and it did prove to be an effective weapon to take down an enemy with one trigger. It cannot shoot cartridges in parallel and requires frequent reload after every shot.