Handguns, Revolver, Semiautomatic pistol 

Handguns were primarily used as weapons for one’s self-defense since it compacts in shape, and size and they are concealable and carried around easily. Presently, handguns are mostly manufactured for target hit practices and games in tournaments, hunting, and some time for self-defense in case of any nuisance. Owning handguns can be illegal unless you are licensed to have one and it can be a legal offense with severe consequences. A handgun can shoot a bullet towards a target with 100% accuracy, but it depends on the person behind the trigger.

The bullet shot is capable of harming or even killing a living being, but, it has to be held properly so that, the gun doesn’t fly off the shooter’s hand due to the force exerted by the handgun. Thus, during practice for a newbie, it can get a bit difficult to hit a target accurately or keep the gun in hand after the shot. Since handguns can fire multiple shots, it is important that you hold the gun properly or else, with every bullet that leaves the gun, the target aim will be lost.

Revolvers are simple in design and cheaper as compared to handguns; revolvers are also a compact and easy to carry a firearm. They are more accurate in hitting targets than semi-automatic firearms and have a small barrel. The disadvantage includes that, the number of bullets or shots is limited only six and thus, needs reloading which further needs more time. Owning this gun is also illegal by the law in many countries, but learning is easy even for a newbie.

There is an ejector rod present below the barrel, which ejects the shot cartridges. For aim, a blade is provided at the front and rear of the top of the revolver. A revolver weighs anywhere between 1-4 lbs and can be more, depending on the model. You will find a small cylinder gap between the barrel and the cylinder which allows the cylinder to rotate without restraint. They come with several types of grips and in general, the larger the grip is, easier it’s to hold and handle and thus, your shots can be more accurate towards hitting the target.

Semiautomatic pistols were developed after revolvers near the end of the 19th Century by John Browning. It generates a coil from the fired bullet to empty the cartridge holder, set the next one and load gun to set the hammer. Mastering these firearms can be harder than revolvers since their mechanisms are more complicated. The barrel stays hidden and can have nearly 19 rounds in it. It has a slide which can move back and forth along a given axis and is supported by a spring. The handle of this weapon is very important since it holds all the bullets to be fired and the magazines get ejected when the shooter presses a switch or turns a small wheel below the gun to open it. They come with safety mechanisms which prevent accidental firing in case of any complications.